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What We're About

The Onyx Mission

The Onyx Education Mission is to develop a new platform for growth and standard for support to ensure that learners in the 21st Century are equipped to succeed in the modern international environment.

The Onyx Vision

The Onyx Education Vision is for all of our learners to have access to world-class readiness and enrichment experiences that provide them with an abundance of opportunities for success in this world. 

Where Onyx Stands

Onyx Education stands for the ability for all of our learners to pursue their learning journeys according to their own goals and purposes with access to a new Platinum Standard of digital support.


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We are driven by the need for educational innovation

Onyx Education was created to solve the problems facing learners, educators, businesses, families, and stakeholders at every level of society. We strive to fill the gaps, solve the problems, and support the success brought about by the knowledge-based economy's ongoing technological innovations.
Our company is devoted to empowering educational stakeholders to make use of new tools and techniques to provide engaging experiences to all. 

  • What is Onyx's view of Academic Engineering?

    Academic Engineering is an approach to building, delivering, and sustaining the best learning experiences for all. We approach this through the twin wings of Academic Excellence and Academic Ensurance. 
    We apply an engineering mindset to designing and building the next in education, and take constant steps to ensure that what we're building is in the best interest of humanity while ensuring the results are sustainable over time.

  • Why does Academic Engineering work?

    It provides a fundamental framework for identifying problems, designing and developing solutions, and monitoring impacts in an innovative, proactive, and future-focused way.

 Avenues Under Active Development

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We're creating experiences for independent and cohort learning


We're creating spaces for digital connection and collaboration


We're creating channels for shared knowledge acquisition

We're Building a New Way

Onyx Education is on a consistent mission to build the world of Education 3.0 by covering all stages of learning innovation called Academic Engineering℠.


We take the long view on solving global problems with an iterative approach to creating virtuous cycles, continuous collaborations, and multi-dimensional initiatives. Big problems require big solutions. From the simple to the complex, from the local to the global, we strive for making an impact at scale. 
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Onyx Global is a team for highly motivated and purpose-driven educational innovators on a mission to thrive in the world of Education 3.0. 
We bring passion, focus, purpose, and drive to everything we do. We also like to have fun, explore, discover, and grow. Click the button below to become a part of Onyx.