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Where Learners Lead and Leaders Learn

Learners & Leaders is encourages teamwork, self-reliance, direct application of learning, development of skills, and an attitude of community, problem solving, and excellence. 
It involves learning new skills through building solutions to exciting real-world challenges. You can earn points, badges, and compete with other learners. You will be part of a team and work together with industry leaders to gain value able experience. The program is ongoing and always changing with new seasons, tournaments, events, and contests.
Learners & Leaders is a core part of the Onyx Global community.

The Learner & Leader Journey


Join a House

Sign up for Learners & Leaders and you'll join one of Onyx University's Houses.


Complete a Project

Each House has projects created in collaboration with industry partners.


Earn Rewards

Get points for your House, scholarships, and other rewards for success.

Why You Should Join Learners & Leaders

It's the fun way to learn important skills that will help you in the future, and it gives you a chance to show off what you learned by doing real-world projects in collaboration with other learners and industry leaders.

Grow your skills

Improve key abilities like communication, problem-solving, and adaptability that are valued by employers

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Get real experience

Apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios for practical experience by solving real challenges

Love learning online

Experience more interactive and enjoyable education with teamwork, self-sufficiency and hands-on learning

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Show the world

Showcase your skills and accomplishments through a public facing portfolio displaying all your accomplishments

Become an Industry Partner


Meet with Onyx Education

Reach out and we'll explain the requirements of getting involved with Learners & Leaders for your organization, and understand why you want to be an Industry Partner.


Sponsor an Onyx University House

You'll be connected with one of the Onyx University House communities of learners where you'll be able to connect with students at Onyx University and beyond. 


Build Channels for Recruiting & Service 

Form a relationship with the learners and educators within your House, join our community-wide live digital recruitment events, and provide mentors for learners.


Provide Your Time & Expertise

Work with Onyx to create real-world challenges seeking innovative solutions and serve as advisors, mentors, and evaluators of projects that the learners complete.


Mentor & Hire the Leaders of Tomorrow

Strengthen your relationships with Onyx University and learners everywhere through ongoing mentorship and hiring from a growing pool of innovative changemakers.

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