Welcome to Onyx University

The Onyx VR Campus Community

What is Onyx University?

We are a new online community focused on utilizing the most innovative tools and techniques for training and developing the educators of the future.

A part of Onyx Education, members of our community gain access to a variety of tools and opportunities to increase their earning potential, open new pathways forward, and serve others in their organizations, institutions, and communities.

Join Onyx University to gain valuable insight into your development journey, utilize the latest digital tools, and collaborate with members in a VR environment.

What Benefits are Available?

  1. Connect with a community of educators learning new skills and mastering new tools to provide the future of lifelong learning
  2. Create a virtual reality environment for your community of practice 
  3. Give your learners a new level of engagement through our content development and delivery systems
  4. Take part in or host virtual reality events, workshops, and meet-ups at Onyx University's campus
  5. Experience and have a voice in the creation of next-gen digital education
  6. Take advantage of discounts on Onyx apps, programs, products, and services
  7. Explore earning opportunities through facilitation, mentoring, coaching, content development, service, promotion, and more for Onyx Learners

What is Onyx?

Onyx is the global lifelong learning network of the future that teaches people how to learn efficiently and effectively in any environment. Not a Member of Onyx yet? No problem! You'll receive an invitation to the portal as part of your sign-up process. 

As a member of Onyx University, you have access to the Onyx University VR campus, and enjoy discounted rates on all Onyx products & services. 

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