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Welcome to Onyx University

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Maximize your academic capabilities.

Master the Art of Learning with a new methodology that is rooted in timeless techniques from Plato to today.  
Approach any learning domain with the confidence to set your highest goals and achieve them. 
Expand your knowledge base any time you want with the world's best academic resources. 
Make learning a lifelong practice that's seamlessly integrated into your everyday life. 

The Onyx Mission

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Learning online should be an adventure, a journey. Onyx is my learning and teaching oasis for establishing a new standard that demands the best for learners of all ages and in all locales.
Doctor Onyx
Onyx Founder & CEO.

Onyx Academic Engineering

Master the Art of Learning and embark on your digital learning journey with Onyx as your guide.
We provide academic concierge support for your learning journeys both with Onyx and at formal institutions.

Onyx Corps

We provide world-class always-available education, in a one of a kind environment, through our systematically developed teaching methodology.

Onyx University

The Platinum Standard of Education





Systems Thinking

Design Thinking

Digital Citizenship

Lifelong Learning




Deep Work



Talent Stacking

Credibility Stacking

The Art of Learning


Curriculum Design

Systematic Study

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