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The Fundamentals

  • Who owns Onyx University?

    Onyx University is owned by Onyx Education, Inc. CK, Onyx's Originator, was originally inspired by the legacy of Tuskegee University. His inspiration grew after learning about how many more HBCUs trace their starting stories to being Normal (teacher training) schools and how they have grown over time. This is his goal for Onyx University. 

  • Who can attend Onyx University?

    Onyx University is open to all learners who qualify.

  • What does Onyx University stand for?

    Onyx University stands for our learners to thrive in the world of Education 3.0 and achieve their dreams through the power of personalized learning, technology-enhanced networks, and an abundant approach to life's opportunities.

  • Does Onyx University have any religious or political affiliations?


Programs & Plans

  • Is Onyx University open and running?

    Not yet, we are building Onyx University from the ground up. We are beginning with our institute for educator training, online learning community, and college prep academy prior to providing full degree programs.

  • What is the projected timeline for Onyx University to be fully functional?

    We anticipate accepting our first degree-seeking class in 2026. Our educator institute and learning community will open in 2023, and our college prep academy will open by 2025.

  • What types of degrees and programs will Onyx University offer?

    Onyx University will begin with a College of Education with K-12, Service, Business, Technology, and International specialization categories to represent the contexts that education takes place. Learners will complete a capstone project directly relevant to their interests and specific goals. After establishing this first program we will expand to providing additional majors, specializations, and colleges over time. Our unique approach to personalization and curriculum design means that each learner's journey will provide opportunities for those coming after to pursue new pathways. Please see here for more information about our curriculum.

  • Will Onyx University be providing an in-person or online experience?

    Online components will be involved in every learning experience at Onyx. We aim to provide in-person learning experiences in the United States with international components as well. Our goal is to provide a hybrid, cross-border educational experience.

  • Will Onyx University pursue accreditation?


  • Will Onyx University receive public funding?

    We are not pursuing public funding at this time, but this might change in the future.

  • What is Onyx University's planned tuition model?

    We are targeting $10,000/year as the full financial obligation from our learners, inclusive of all fees and so on. Our learners will work throughout their time at Onyx University, and the majority will be involved in entrepreneurial pursuits with some starting ventures for potential investment upon graduation. It is our goal that by enrolling in Onyx University all learners will have opportunities that lead to earning more than $10,000/year each year after their Freshman year until graduation - and beginning in their Freshman year for students who enroll in the College Prep Academy.

  • What will Onyx University's admissions process be like?

    We will have a direct admissions process that is similar to conventional holistic application procedures, but our main admissions process will be through enrolling in our College Prep Academy to engage with learning in the Onyx Education Network for one year before starting formal enrollment in an Onyx University degree program.

Getting Involved

  • How can I support Onyx University?

    The best ways to support Onyx University is to join the Onyx Global learning community, invest in Onyx Education, Inc., or share your thoughts and experiences regarding Onyx with your network. You can find information about joining Onyx Global by clicking here, and about investing in Onyx Education, Inc. by clicking here.

  • How can I partner with Onyx University?

    Please contact us through the form below, at the Onyx Global learning community, or through one of Onyx Education, Inc.'s investment channels.

  • How can I work with Onyx University?

    Please see the Work with Onyx page on our website. We are not hiring for paid positions at the moment, but are actively seeking Founding Framers to advise on Onyx University's development and Academic Engineers (requires certification from Onyx Institute) to help us build.

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