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Host Immersive Classes

Bring a next-generation environment to your students for more engaging online learning experiences at Onyx University.

If you're looking for a secure, affordable, easy-to-use way to improve your online class, then look no further. Onyx University classrooms give you a convenient space to make collaborative learning work better than ever before. 

Top Benefits

Enhanced Collaboration

Give your students the freedom to connect independently and learn with each other.

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No More Video Fatigue

Keep students engaged and comfortable during longer periods of live screen time

Let Students Be Themselves

Add a new dimension to your online learning environment with personal avatars

Bring new life to your live sessions by letting your clients create their own avatars and interact

Bring a next-generation environment to your students for more engaging online learning

Bring excitement and interaction to any professional, academic, or personal training experiences

Bring your people together in an immersive collaboration environment

With Your Room You Can...

    Brand with your logos and colors

    Upload images and videos

    Upload PDFs and slides

    Easily share your screen

    Enable your webcam

    Play videos and live streams

    Use websites with Google Chrome

Associate Pricing

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No Fees for Learners

Determine your prices your way

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Enrollment Commission to OU

Get a virtual room on campus

Platforms Only

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Enrollment Commission to OU

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Host Immersive Workshops

Bring excitement and interaction to any academic training experience on an engaging virtual campus.

If you're looking for the best place to host online workshops, then it's important to stay up to date with the most innovative platforms. A secure, flexible, and user-friendly virtual campus will help you provide high-quality online offerings.

Top Benefits

Elevated Knowledge Retention

Add even more elements of experiential learning to your offerings

No More Isolated Audiences

Everyone will enjoy it, whether they volunteered or were volunteered to attend.

Customize for Any Group SIze

Five seating settings mean that you have the flexibility for audiences both large and small