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Onyx Salon

Learn OASIS coaching methodology and earn your Platinum Belt to serve & learn with Onyx Corps.
OASIS Methodology

Pioneering Approach

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Coaching Suite

6 Months

Training & Service

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Master Education 3.0 Foundations









What's Included?

  • Platinum Belt Certification
  • Pioneering Courseware
  • Coaching Mastery Suite
  • Onyx O.A.S.I.S. Methodology
  • Onyx Corps Opportunity

Onyx Corps

Join Onyx Corps by learning the personal development and coaching knowledge that forms the foundational prerequisites for O.A.S.I.S training & methodology.


Join The Onyx Movement and work with Onyx University's Platinum Standard of Education 3.0 at Nuobility, our digital coworking space.
Our team

The Platinum Standard of Education 3.0

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Senior product manager
Where We Are
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Earn your A.E.I. Platinum Belt

Certify your Education 3.0 foundations certification by mastering the timeless and timely techniques that establish the foundations for 21st Century learning. Onyx Salon is the first step in the Onyx coaching certification journey, and provides you with the opportunity to provide academic coaching along with Onyx Corps for a 6-month period, or utilize your CMS access to provide private tutoring in your area of expertise.

What is a digital gap year?

A digital gap year is an academic experience that lasts the duration of a typical school year, but is for your personal growth and development rather than credit. Our gap year offering includes a 6-month college skills training experience, followed by a month's holiday, and a 6-month academic coaching & service experience. We provide you with elite academic and personal management skills training, and the opportunities and capabilities to provide this training in your community and alongside Onyx across the globe. 

Join Onyx Corps

Train with the Onyx Opportunity Service and provide academic coaching to learners across the globe with our Education 3.0 experts.

Coaching Mastery System

The same full digital toolkit used by Onyx Corps coaches including everything you need for marketing, management, stewardship, and development of your personal coaching brand.

Academic Training Service 

Provide learners from your community and around the world with academic coaching at Onyx Academy, the Onyx Corps training center, and your own endeavors. 

The Onyx Body of Knowledge

Learn the full array of academic foundations for lifelong learning, coaching, and stewardship success.

Lifelong Side Hustle

Master the skills you need to successfully provide your knowledge and stewardship in your workplace, as a career, source of passive income, and service for the rest of your life. 
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