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Welcome to the onyx academic gap year

Onyx League

The Art of Learning

Acquire the core knowledge for learning mastery.

Student Life Skills

Learn the habits and techniques for success.

Onyx Coaching

Build your digital oasis and earn your Silver Belt.
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Climb the rankings by earning points for yourself and your team.
Join and Onyx Team and work on projects aimed at real-world problems.
Work with new & old friends, independently, or follow along.

Solidify your academic skills

Prepare for college success with the Onyx 6 Cs of Digital Capability and earn your Silver Belt.
Learn global communication, marketing, technical writing, personal curriculum design, teamwork, systems thinking, and the rest of the skills you need to excel in higher education.
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Curation
  • Commerce
  • Credibility
  • Conduct

What's included?

  • Academic Coaching
  • Interactive Courseware
  • Academic Mastery Suite
  • 6 Digital Competencies
  • Onyx University Digital Oasis

Earn Onyx Sponsorship

Compete with your team to earn Onyx Sponsorship funds and compete in Onyx Area for The Onyx Prize at our annual academic summit.

Build Your Personal Brand

Develop & refine your academic profile, universal basic capability, digital presence, side hustle, and lifelong learning mastery trajectory.

6-months of Onyx AMS

Utilize the Onyx Academic Mastery Suite of digital tools for 6-months included in your tuition, then optionally maintain your AMS subscription for $100/m or membership for $10/m.

Curated Business Simulations

Learn with your team through business operations & marketing simulations where you run a company through real-world inspired scenarios and problems.

Academic Excellence Support

Connect with the Onyx University learning, coworking, and collaboration community through our events, competitions, contests, tutoring center, and more.

Earn your A.E.I. Silver Belt

Certify your preparedness for academic excellence and global collaboration with our foundational academic engineering curriculum. The Onyx academic gap year starts with our 6-month development league to sharpen your readiness for the 21st Century higher education landscape. Continue on with our 6-month academic coaching salon and service with Onyx Corps, study with Onyx University, or your own endeavors with Onyx coaching along your journey. 

What is a digital gap year?

A digital gap year is an academic experience that lasts the duration of a typical school year, but is for your personal growth and development rather than credit. Our gap year offering includes a 6-month college skills training experience, followed by a month's holiday, and a 4-month academic coaching & service experience. We provide you with elite academic and personal management skills training, and the opportunities and capabilities to provide this training in your community and alongside Onyx across the globe. 
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