Don't Just Survive Your College Years...Thrive with Onyx

  • Make learning a lifelong practice that's seamlessly integrated into your everyday life and optimize your teaching experience with Onyx Global.

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    Approach any learning domain with the confidence to set your highest goals and achieve them and lead future generations to explore for themselves.

  • Expand your knowledge base any time you want with the world's best academic technology & resources and a community of lifelong learners.


Onyx Corps Members in the Classroom

Learn what they want to learn

Our learning is applicable to any domain due to our focus on the Art of Learning as a core body of knowledge.
In other words, we teach you "how" - you decide "why."

Learn when they want to learn

Our learning experiences are always available and personally curated for your learning goals.
You don't need to fit our schedule - we fit your schedule.

Learn how they want to learn

Our training will help you master a wide variety of both timeless and modern tools & techniques.
Learn with the academic immersive action research leaders.

Earn Income While Serving Your Community

Every Member of Onyx Corps has access to technology training and opportunities to promote our products and experiences for uncapped income.
Not only that, but they also access our suite of tools and partner network any time for their own purposes at Members-only rates.
This means we support you on both sides of the equation, so you can decide how you can best add value to your world.


Is Onyx Corps for You?


Plans on pause?

Make sure this is not a year of lost time and keep your mind engaged by learning new skills that you weren't taught in high school.


Taking a gap-year?

Gain unique skills that both schools and employers value without taking time away from doing the things you love.


New student?

Add depth and breadth to your learning with subjects that are often ignored in modern degree programs.


Love to learn?

Being an efficient and effective lifelong learner leads to higher levels of happiness from work to home.

Join the Movement

We are at a turning point, and it's up to you to be prepared for what's next.

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