Academic Ensurance℠ for College Success

Our College Prep Academy covers the advantages and benefits of being a successful learner, with a precise focus on succeeding as a university student and how you can use this time to sculpt your own path to reach your unique goals in life. 
Through engaging study and exciting experiences you'll home skills to thrive in the classroom, the boardroom, and beyond.

  • Techniques for successful learning

  • Habits for focused personal growth

  • Communication & leadership skills


Get Prepared for College Success


the secret to becoming a successful student



strategic short & long-term goals for development

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a personally structured learning curriculum


the communication and leadership skills you need


how to best execute on and make an impact

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personal pathways toward your best outcomes


Learning Should be an Adventure

Onyx is devoted to the lifelong pursuit of learning. Our founding values are Awareness, Access, and Advocacy—and we believe every learner can thrive on their unique path.
We provide the best available tools, resources, experiences, and outcomes for our learners by constantly staying up to date with the forefront of educational research. We instill our knowledge into every step of your journey, supporting and guiding you toward your goals.

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A Place of Engaging Personal Growth

The best part of the Onyx way of self-determined learning is that you can implement it on your own in your personal, professional, and academic lives.
We let you learn on your terms and for your best outcomes. We have developed a flexible education system based on years of research where every learner can create their own path.

  • You will grow along with a support network and the ability to promote content & tools uniquely curated for maximizing Education 3.0 success.

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Achieve Your Goals with Our Guidance

We are bombarded with information in this data-driven age, and it can be challenging to make sense of it all. We will help you take charge of your own learning process.
At the start of the program we meet with you to create a compelling and personalized study plan by making the most of online resources to deepen your knowledge about any subject that interests you beyond the courses required for the Academy.

  • You select precisely which new skills to learn, structure your learning, and grow your talents while we teach you what you need for lifelong development.

"Learning should be a journey, an adventure, a joy to last a lifetime. It's time for you to take control of your path and build a brighter future for yourself.

- CK, Onyx's Originator

Why Join the Onyx College Prep Academy

Modern Methods

● A focus on both experiential and visual appeal ● Convenient access through mobile-first and virtual channels● Lifetime access to course materials and digital resources

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Leading Curricula

● High standards of academic rigor led by innovative educators● Networked access to essential content and resources● Exceeding the conventional gold standards of instructional design

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Borderless Engagement

● Backed by research and evidence for best practices● Connected across the globe with a drive for diverse experiences● Multiple pathways for a variety of personal learning journeys

You Won't Just Survive Your College Years...

  • Make learning a lifelong practice that's seamlessly integrated into your everyday life and optimize your learning experience with Onyx University.

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    Approach any learning domain with the confidence to set your highest goals and achieve them and lead future generations to explore for themselves.

  • Expand your knowledge base with learning experiences, academic technology, digital resources, and a community of lifelong learners.


...You'll Thrive in College and in Life

Build Your Confidence

Feel prepared to approach any learning domain and successfully gain actionable new skills.

Design Your Future

Lead your own journey by designing a personal learning journey filled with the things you want to learn.

Focus Your Impact

Harness the power of the digital world and university study to make a change in the world.

Choose What You'll Learn

Our College Prep Academy Structure

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    Master Learner Mindset

    You'll develop your independent learning skills by designing, developing, and deploying your personal curriculum according to your interests in any area you choose like entrepreneurship, wellness, academics, and more. 
    Designed to help you execute your first personal learning journey.
    You'll spend the first quarter deploying your self-determined learning skills.

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    Communicative Public Speaking

    You'll develop your public speaking skills so you can have the confidence to deliver impressive presentations, clearly express yourself, collaborate with teammates, and share your ideas.
    Designed to help you thrive in the classroom, boardroom, and beyond.
    You'll spend the second quarter improving your communication skills.

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    Changemaking Personal Leadership

    You'll become a dedicated changemaker by learning our signature approaches to action-oriented reflection, repeatable innovation, and collaborative co-creation while developing your leadership skills.
    Designed to activate and expand your impact on the world around you.
    You'll spend the third quarter learning how to lead as a changemaker.

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    College Prep Academy Capstone

    You'll use the knowledge you've gained throughout the year to work in a group addressing one of the world's most pressing issues by analyzing the problem, designing a solution, and starting to make it happen. 
    Designed to demonstrate your learning through your yearlong journey.
    You'll spend the fourth quarter researching and developing your solution.

Onyx College Prep Academy Outcomes



We'll help learners understand the admissions process, and prepare to make the most of their opportunities.



We believe that higher education should be about more than just earning a degree, so we help learners build a growth mindset.


Career Preparation

The days of having one job throughout a lifetime are gone, so we help learners discover the best path for them.



Having a vision for the future is a necessity so we help learners build a solid foundation and plan for lifelong success.


ZoeUniversity StudentClass of 2023

Onyx was the turning point of my learning journey. Since I took this course, I have become more well-organized and targeted in my learning. It not only enabled me to gain practical and efficient learning habits and methods that show significant results in a short time, but also motivated an guided me to start planning my lifelong personal learning system.

AnshitaContent Writer & Marketing Specialist

Onyx Learning programs are the most thought-provoking and revolutionary projects I have ever come across with. Founded with the vision of making learning — authentic and life-relevant, Onyx is one of the very few platforms in the world that wishes to bring out the true meaning of knowledge. I am glad to join Onyx and explore its unique teaching methodologies designed to provide learners a whole different and practical way of achieving personal mastery in life.

Kat University StudentClass of 2023

From selecting what to learn, how to start learning, to customizing your curriculum, and synthesizing everything you have learned, this course taught me it all. I was able to refine my old study strategies and tactics with the help of Onyx and CK. I am now confidently teaching myself French during summer vacation.

AprilDigital Marketer &Mom

I wish Onyx existed when I was a student! It made me realize how digital learning can bring so much value to the education system not just in our country (Philippines), but the entire world! I still can't believe how affordable this is with all the knowledge you get to access. I highly recommend this to students, teachers, parents, to everyone!

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