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From businesses to schools, educators to learners, and enterprises to home offices, the need to always be learning has never been stronger.
We meet this challenge with a unique network of curated platforms, an innovative methodology for learning development, and a pioneering digital community.

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Onyx Corps Technology & Development

We have created a unique approach to learning through personalized, engaging, immersive, high-quality experiences. Onyx Associates access technology and development opportunities for every stage of the lifelong learning journey for themselves and those around them.

Strategic Development

Targeted progression toward your every goal

Skills Training

Training in specific industry-relevant skills

Career Coaching

Guidance for all stage of the professional journey

Sales Commissions

Member-exclusive rates from Onyx & our partners

Portfolio Development

Tools for a digital presence you can be proud of

Digital Coworking

A collaborative VR campus environment

Industry Networking

Connect with Education and Technology Innovators

Research & Insights

Information to equip you for the knowledge economy

VR Campus

We are connect on an always-available collaboration environment providing opportunities for learning of all kinds.

Join our campus community developing digital training and virtual events for innovative 21st Century learning.


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