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A New Model for How a University Can Work

As the world of education evolves, Onyx University offers an innovative approach to learning that empowers learners to take control of their education and develop the skills necessary to thrive in today's rapidly changing world. 
Onyx University provides learners with an engaging experience using a range of evidence-based practices, cutting-edge technology, and research-driven techniques that are essential for success in the modern world. 
These include personalized learning, a dynamic and interactive learning environment, enhancement by artificial intelligence, and research-based techniques to continuously improve the learning experience. 
Onyx University's curriculum is designed to provide learners with the ability to think critically and solve problems, to work effectively in teams, to communicate effectively, and to be adaptable to change while charting their own path to success.


Foundations of Onyx Learning


Innovative Technology

We leverage new technologies to engage, enable, and empower Onyx Learners in new ways.


Lifechanging Outcomes

We emphasize lifelong learning and help Onyx Learners take ownership of their journeys.


Practical Experiences

We provide experiences that result in hands-on practice of the skills Onyx Learners gain. 


Online Community

We think globally and locally by connecting Onyx Learners with community-centered experiences.

The Theories Behind Our Approach


Emphasizing the importance of networks and connections, both with each other and technology, for our learners on their learning journeys.

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Cognitive Apprenticeship

Making expert thinking visible and problem-solving strategies real to help our learners acquire knowledge and use new skills.

Opportunity-Based Learning

Providing our learners with opportunities to actively explore and engage with the world around them to enhance their understanding.

Programs In Development

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    Education 3.0 Community

    Onyx Global

    Our unique social network, designed specifically for the Onyx community, is built to support the creators of Education 3.0. The Onyx community, including Learners, Educators, and Partners, come together on this platform to collaborate and create meaningful learning experiences. It is the portal to the Onyx learning ecosystem, providing opportunities for connection and growth.

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    Educator Training

    Onyx Institute

    Our professional development platform is designed for forward-thinking educators, offering a variety of short courses, live workshops, and virtual summits to enhance their skills and knowledge. It is also the home of our core Academic Engineer Certification program. It provides educators the resources and support they need to stay current and effective in their field while advancing their careers.

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    Undergraduate Learning

    Onyx Colleges

    Our central initiative to provide accredited degrees for learners who are looking to make the most of their postsecondary path. We will be offering programs that lead to an accelerated pathway to Onyx Institute and becoming an Academic Engineer along with a variety of others where learners design their own pathway through our interdisciplinary journeys.

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    Learner Enrichment

    Learners & Leaders

    Our learner enrichment program is an innovative opportunity for students to gain real-world experience and connect with leaders in their field of interest. The program gives learners the chance to work on projects that are relevant to their career goals while developing valuable skills. It supplements our academic curriculum to prepares learners for the 21st century workforce.

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