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What Do We Teach?


Personal Learning Mastery

You will learn the timeless personal development and learning skills that are currently missing in curriculums around the world.


Lifelong Learning Core Concepts

You will learn how your personal, academic, and professional lives unite in your ability to learn from the world around you and access the information you need to solve life's problems.


Self-Determined Learning's Central Ideas

You will learn how to utilize the world around you to thrive along life's journey and navigate the waters of the 21st Century teaching world.


Systematic Personal Study

You will learn precisely how to select which new skills to learn, structure your learning, and maximize your new talents as you build an academic, professional, and personal life of excellence and success.


Education 3.0 Technology

You will learn a variety of educational technologies relevant to your chosen developmental path, including those presently most commonly used, Onyx's selected pioneering partners, and available alternatives.


O.A.S.I.S. Academics

You will learn Doctor Onyx's approach to Academic Engineering and curate a digital learning oasis for yourself through action research, foundational knowledge, and design-based personal & professional development.  


The Onyx 6 C's

You will learn the Onyx 6 C's of Digital Capability: Communication, Coaching, Curation, Commerce, Conduct, and Credibility, and build the necessary systems for you to provide your products & services to the world.

The Onyx Way

Learn what you want to learn

Our learning is applicable to any domain due to our focus on academic foundations and the Art of Learning as a core body of knowledge.

In other words, we teach you "how" - you decide "why."

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Learn when you want to learn

Our O.A.S.I.S. Methodology emphasizes our learning experiences being always available and personally curated.

You don't need fit our schedule - we fit your schedule.

Learn how you want to learn

Our coaches are challenged to master the full depth & breadth of both timeless and modern tools & techniques.
Learn with the academic immersive action research leaders.

The Onyx Cornerstone

If Merriam-Webster defines the Ivory Tower as "a secluded place that affords the means of treating practical issues with an impractical often escapist attitude," then the Onyx Tower is a globally relevant and universally accessible place that facilitates progression toward success through self-determined interest in practical issues and actionable problems.


Learning online should be an adventure, a journey. Onyx provides a new standard of academic excellence for all learners.

- CK, Onyx Founder & CEO

Onyx Global

The Onyx Learning Experience

  • World-class online courseware, mobile learning, and academic support services

  • 1:1 Personalized academic success coaching with Onyx Academic Ensurance™

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    Focused & purpose-driven action plans and personalized guidance

  • Networked connection with the world's knowledge resources & innovations


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The Onyx Membership

  • Master the Art of Learning with a new methodology that is rooted in timeless techniques from Plato to today and develop your own academic system.  

  • Approach any learning domain with the confidence to set your highest goals and achieve them and lead future generations to explore for themselves. 

  • Expand your knowledge base any time you want with the world's best academic technology & resources and a community of lifelong learners. 

  • Make learning a lifelong practice that's seamlessly integrated into your everyday life and optimize your teaching experience with Onyx Education. 


Onyx Corps

The Onyx Coaching Association



The first degree of our program denotes the pursuit of fundamental capability and skills necessary for success in your chosen knowledge domain.

Each AEI Belt begins with developing your knowledge in that subject for personal & professional purposes. 



The second degree denotes the pursuit of learning the foundational models, approaches, methods, and techniques of academic coaching in the domain.

Onyx training is centered on action research based on your personal goals and purposes for facilitator training.



The third degree denotes having successfully progressed through our O.A.S.I.S. learning pathway for that knowledge domain. 

Onyx Specialists make use of our full capabilities for their professional use as A.E.I. Certified Coaches.